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Person-centered Process: The Soul of Therapeutic Change

This is a wonderful article by Blake Edwards that describes Person-centered Process, the kind of psychotherapy that I do. Good Will Hunting, 1997 Person-Centered Process: The Soul of Therapeutic Change Systemic-Minded, Emotion-Focused, Person-Centered Psychotherapist | Whole Person Health Care Integration Facilitator We … [Read More...]

What is Mental Health?

  What is Mental Health? Many people ask me, "What is mental health?" This is a questionnaire that I use both to answer that question and to help clients set goals for treatment. Able to use his/her talents, abilities and energy effectively and productively. Enjoys challenges; takes pleasure in accomplishing things. Is capable … [Read More...]

Tips for Happiness

Happiness is a goal we all want! It’s a key component to mental health. When we feel included, appreciated, and cared about, we have a sense of ease, and feel cheerful and confidant. These feelings are attached to our three core needs for safety, satisfaction and connection. In order to satisfy those needs and attain peace, contentment, and love, … [Read More...]

How can I find a friend?

In group the other day, a member talked about "being desperate" for friends. As she shared her history, she admitted that she gets into a friendship, is used and abused, and leaves reluctantly, disappointed. The cycle happens over and over again. … [Read More...]

Writing a Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card can be a very difficult task. I remember a time when I felt tongue-tied and was afraid to say the wrong thing. I worried over it so long that I didn't send the card. Later, when I was in an accident and out of work for a number of months, I realized the importance of cards! Each time I received a sympathy card, I felt … [Read More...]


Assertiveness - What does it mean? When we're asked to to do something for or with someone, we respond. If we do it assertively, we constructively and directly express our positive and/or negative feelings. … [Read More...]

Broken Record Technique

Here are two examples of using the Broken Record Technique. One is repeating your answer over and over again. The second uses the Broken Record Technique with agreeing with the truth, agreeing with the odds, and agreeing with the right to differ. BROKEN RECORD TECHNIQUE Rick: Marla, I'm flying out of town tomorrow afternoon. Will you take me … [Read More...]


BOUNDARIES are limits that allow for a safe connection based on your needs. When these limits are changed, the relationship may become unclear. Such uncertainty is often experienced as a violation of your sphere of safety. The pain from the violation may be delayed, or may not occur at all, and the violation may not be recognized or felt until … [Read More...]