Nurturing Happiness and Transforming Suffering

Happiness is a common goal!  Suffering is something we want to avoid. Travel is one thing that makes me happy. This was a feature article from “Journeys of the Spirit,” a group that plans trips all over the world. I went on one to Cambodia and one to Peru. Check them out. And enjoy this […]

Attitudes of Gratitude

This is one of my favorite ways to avoid the slippery slope of sadness. I write my gratitudes for the day. Instead of  focusing on what’s not working, I look for what is.  Our mind influences what we see and feel. To feel better, shift your mind. Even for a moment. Begin small. Say “thank you” […]

Am I crazy?

To me, the everyday definition of crazy is when you see, hear, feel or smell things that others in the same room don’t feel, see, hear or smell. So, when someone asks me if they are crazy, that’s the open door to figuring out what was normal behavior in their family. For George, normal behavior […]

What’s Going On When Someone Says, I Can’t Trust Anyone?

Susan told me that she couldn’t trust anyone. Later, she told me that she had no one she could rely on. I asked her to try saying “I won’t trust anyone. I won’t rely on anyone else.” She began to cry. She could see how her negative beliefs were keeping her stuck in a lonely […]