Do I need Boundaries?

Do I need boundaries? What are they for? I facilitate a group based on the workbook, BOUNDARY POWER by O’Neil & Newbold. In it members learn what boundaries are, what are functional and dysfunctional boundaries, and how to set and maintain their boundaries. BOUNDARIES are limits that allow for a safe connection based on your needs. When […]

Why do couples fight?

Why do couples fight? Harville Hendrix, one of the couples counseling gurus says: “When two people meet and fall in love, they idealize each other. They see each other as the person who will meet their needs. At first it seems true—people do all sorts of things they wouldn’t normally do, because they’re trying to […]

And baby makes. . .

Having a new baby brings challenges! Expecting a baby? You are so fortunate! I’m sure you’re getting the room ready, drooling over the sweet baby clothes, and can hardly wait to hold that sweet bundle, look in her or his eyes, and feel them grab your finger with their tiny hands. Wonderful experiences are ahead. […]

Navigating an argument

Navigating an argument Arguments are inevitable. We are all unique individuals with unique backgrounds. We have unique ways of seeing the world and usually think that our way is correct. Unfortunately, both people involved in an argument believe that their way is the RIGHT way to see it. The truth is that there are MANY […]

Should I tell a secret?

Often times in therapy, clients have secrets that they may never have told anyone. I was just reading an interesting blog on Psychology Today by Anita E. Kelly, a Psychology Professor at the University of Notre Dame and the author of The Psychology of Secrets. She gives four tips

My parents are getting divorced

Children are aware that their parents’ relationship isn’t working. Dr. J. Louise Despert in Children of Divorce says, “The fact that the parents are unhappy together is the thing that primarily disturbed the children in the family, not the fact that they finally agreed to separate.” The children may, in fact, be relieved.

When should we go to Premarital Counselling?

Marriages and families are two of the greatest assets that we can have. Premarital Counselling helps damage-proof your relationship. You can learn to identify and resolve differences that may become sources of conflict and develope skills to navigate your marriage. Premarital Counseling is helpful if:

Considering divorce?

57 MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT DIVORCE I came across a great resource called 57 most frequently asked questions about divorce by Patricia A. Stallworth, a certified financial planner and certified divorce financial analyst. It’s an easy-to-read brochure that was published by Minding Your Money Institute (