Navigating an argument

Navigating an argument Arguments are inevitable. We are all unique individuals with unique backgrounds. We have unique ways of seeing the world and usually think that our way is correct. Unfortunately, both people involved in an argument believe that their way is the RIGHT way to see it. The truth is that there are MANY […]

Should I tell a secret?

Often times in therapy, clients have secrets that they may never have told anyone. I was just reading an interesting blog on Psychology Today by Anita E. Kelly, a Psychology Professor at the University of Notre Dame and the author of The Psychology of Secrets. She gives four tips

Reliving Traumatic Experiences. . . What’s The Trigger?

When you think of a trigger, you probably think of a gun. In my business, a trigger is something that happens that sets off a chain reaction of thoughts, feelings and actions. Donna is a good example. She went to her OB/GYN for her annual exam. She started getting anxious when she took off her […]