Nurturing Happiness and Transforming Suffering

Happiness is a common goal!  Suffering is something we want to avoid. Travel is one thing that makes me happy. This was a feature article from “Journeys of the Spirit,” a group that plans trips all over the world. I went on one to Cambodia and one to Peru. Check them out. And enjoy this […]

Is Group Therapy right for me?

Is Group Therapy right for me? Group is a safe place to allow yourself to be vulnerable and experiment with new behaviors. You can learn to work through conflicts that might otherwise be avoided. You can learn that we all struggle with personal issues at various transition periods in our life — starting or ending […]

Precautions against Sexual Assault

Years ago, I coordinated a Rape Crisis program. I worked with victims of rape who ranged in age from several months old up to elderly grandmas. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. We all want to avoid being victimized. Here’s a list of tips that may help lessen the chance of being victimized.