Square Breathing: Relieve Stress from Anger and Anxiety

Square Breathing Technique for Stress Management Here is a technique that you can use to relieve stress from anger and anxiety. I know, it sounds so simplistic. But, does it have to be hard to work? Listen all the way to the end to find out how it works. If you’d like more help managing […]

Nurturing Happiness and Transforming Suffering

Happiness is a common goal!  Suffering is something we want to avoid. Travel is one thing that makes me happy. This was a feature article from “Journeys of the Spirit,” a group that plans trips all over the world. I went on one to Cambodia and one to Peru. Check them out. And enjoy this […]

Looking for a Social Work career?

Have you every wondered what a Social Worker career looks like? Let me share some insights into my career path with you. I am currently have three different clinical hats: a Consultant for the Georgia Department of Corrections at Lee Arrendale State Prison for Women where I work as a psychotherapist and trainer,  a small […]

Person-centered Therapy

Person-Centered Process: The Soul of Therapeutic Change Therapists are professionally curious. We use our curiosity in Person-centered Therapy to explore the contradiction between the image we get through a client’s self-assessment of their problem and our experience of the person in front of us.  Our goal is to know the whole person.

What is Mental Health?

What is Mental Health? Many people ask me, “What is mental health?” This is a questionnaire that I use both to answer that question and to help clients set goals for their work with me. Someone who is considered mentally healthy is

Increase Your Happiness

Recently, I read Hardwired for Happiness by Rick Hanson, PhD. Since happiness is a key component to mental health, I think his tips can benefit us all. He says when we feel included, appreciated, and cared about, we have a sense of ease, and feel cheerful and confidant. These feelings are attached to our three […]

How do I find a friend?

In group the other day, a member said, “How do I find a friend?” She was “desperate” for friends. As she shared her history, she admitted that she gets into a friendship, is used and abused, and leaves reluctantly, disappointed. The cycle happens over and over again.

Writing a Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card can be a very difficult task. I remember a time when I felt tongue-tied and was afraid to say the wrong thing. I worried over it so long that I didn’t send the card. Later, when I was in an accident and out of work for a number of months, I […]


Assertiveness – What does it mean? When we’re asked to do something for or with someone, we respond. If we do it assertively, we directly express our positive and/or negative feelings in a way that communicates “I care about you and me.”..

Broken Record Technique

The Broken Record Technique comes in handy when someone is trying to convince you to do something that you don’t want to do. Here are two examples of how it can be used. The first one just repeats your answer over and over again. The second example uses the Broken Record Technique of agreeing with […]