Broken Record Technique

The Broken Record Technique comes in handy when someone is trying to convince you to do something that you don’t want to do. Here are two examples of how it can be used. The first one just repeats your answer over and over again. The second example uses the Broken Record Technique of agreeing with the parts that are true,  with the odds, and/or with the right to differ.


Rick: Marla, I’m flying out of town tomorrow afternoon. Will you take me to the airport?

Marla: No.

Rick: I’d be so happy to have you there to see me off.

Marla: No.

Rick: Look, it’d only take an hour of your time.

Marla: No.

Rick: If gas is a problem, I’ll pay your gas.

Marla: No.

Rick: I’ll fill up your whole tank.

Marla: No.

Rick: Why won’t you take me?

Marla: No.

Rick: Remember when you needed a ride to the garage> I was there for YOU. Now I need help.

Marla: No.

Rick: Look, I’ll owe you one. Whenever you need a favor, ask, and I promise it’s yours.

Marla: No.

Rick: Marla, isn’t this what friends are for? To help each other out?

Marla: No.

Rick: If you don’t come across, I’m going to have to take a taxi, and that’s expensive.

Marla: No.


NEIGHBOR: Marcia, I have a job interview next week, and I’d like to borrow your suit – you know, that “serious” brown one.

MARCIA: I’m glad that you like my suit, but I don’t lend my clothes.

NEIGHBOR: But I really need a good-looking suit.

MARCIA: I agree that you do, but I don’t lend my clothes. (Agreeing with the truth)

NEIGHBOR: If I wear my old suit, I won’t look as good, and I probably won’t get the job.

MARCIA: I agree that you’d be more likely to get the job wearing my suit instead of your old one, but I don’t lend my clothes. (Agreeing with the odds)

NEIGHBOR: Why won’t you lend me your suit?

MARCIA: I don’t lend my clothes.

NEIGHBOR: I bet when you were little, your Mom gave your brothers toys you thought were yours, and now you find it hard to share.

MARCIA: I can see how you might think that. Lots of people are touched by early influences. But that never happened, and I don’t lend my clothes.  (Agreeing with the right to differ)

NEIGHBOR: I know you’re afraid I’ll tear or dirty it. Well, I can assure you, I’d treat it like my own.

MARCIA: I’m sure you would, but I don’t lend my clothes.  (Agreeing with the truth)

NEIGHBOR: It doesn’t look like you’re going to help me out.

MARCIA: You’re right, I’m not. I don’t lend my clothes. (Agreeing with the truth)

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