Psychotherapy Group Guidelines


Maintain confidentiality. The personal information that is shared by group members stays in the group. You are free to share anything about yourself and your experience of group with anyone you choose.

Use “I” statements. Sharing your experience instead of giving advise encourages everyone to problem-solve for him/herself and lessens defensiveness. Decide for yourself how much you are comfortable disclosing. Trust between group members grows as you take the risk to share.

Listen closely.   Pay attention to consistent feedback. Listen without making a quick rebuttal.

Express persistent feelings about group process. If you are feeling bored, angry, disappointed, unsafe, or withdrawn about the group, a particular member or leader, let that be known.

Be willing to do work before and after group. Put in-group learning into practice in your life. Consider keeping a journal.

Assess your participation in group. Periodically ask yourself: “Am I contributing to the group? Am I satisfied with what is occurring in the session? If not, what am I doing about it? Am I using in my life what I am learning in group?”

Attend regularly. Our group will meet for 90 minutes. If you are unable to attend, please let Dr. Sharman know that you will be absent.

Group commitment. Your initial commitment to group is for three (3) months. When you join the group, you reserve your seat in the room. Since group sessions cannot be rescheduled, you are responsible for paying for your seat, even when you are absent. You will find that you get the most out of group by making a regular commitment to attend.

Termination Process. Please announce to the group your decision to leave and take three (3) sessions to process out of the group. These three sessions will allow time for both you and the group members to end well by sharing appreciations, regrets and resentments.