Sleep is a waste of time

Have you ever heard someone say, “Sleep is a waste of time?” Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Ever heard someone say they pulled an “all-nighter” to finish a school or work project? It’s easy

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Looking for a Social Work career?

Have you every wondered what a Social Worker career looks like? Let me share some insights into my career path with you. I am currently have three different clinical hats: a Consultant for the Georgia

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Person-centered Therapy

Person-Centered Process: The Soul of Therapeutic Change Therapists are professionally curious. We use our curiosity in Person-centered Therapy to explore the contradiction between the image we get through a client’s self-assessment of their problem and

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What is Mental Health?

What is Mental Health? Many people ask me, “What is mental health?” This is a questionnaire that I use both to answer that question and to help clients set goals for their work with me.

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Increase Your Happiness

Recently, I read Hardwired for Happiness by Rick Hanson, PhD. Since happiness is a key component to mental health, I think his tips can benefit us all. He says when we feel included, appreciated, and

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How do I find a friend?

In group the other day, a member said, “How do I find a friend?” She was “desperate” for friends. As she shared her history, she admitted that she gets into a friendship, is used and

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Writing a Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card can be a very difficult task. I remember a time when I felt tongue-tied and was afraid to say the wrong thing. I worried over it so long that I didn’t

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Assertiveness – What does it mean? When we’re asked to do something for or with someone, we respond. If we do it assertively, we directly express our positive and/or negative feelings in a way that

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Meet Dr. Sharman

Hi! My name is Dr. Sharman Colosetti. I am a licensed therapist located in the Atlanta area. I am an energetic, optimistic therapist who has been practicing psychotherapy for over 20 years. I love to work with adults who want to find a more fulfilling life. I have years of training and life experience that aid me in working with you. I have had success working with clients who struggle with the loss of a relationship, anxiety and stress, depression, workplace issues, sexual and physical abuse, and difficulty organizing their life.

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You can contact me now or call me at 404.518.0828. I can usually schedule an appointment for you the same week that you call.