Clinical Supervision

Have you completed your Masters coursework and are now ready to begin your professional career as a Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor? Once you get your first clinical job (counseling center, healthcare, prison, school, etc.), you will need to work with a Clinical Supervisor to develop the skills necessary for full licensure. In Georgia for Social Workers (see Georgia Code Annotated 135-5-.04), that means a minimum of 3 years of supervision for a total of 120 hours. If clinical supervision is not provided at your job, you are free to hire a clinical supervisor to guide you in the development of the skills that are required to become fully licensed: evaluation, casework, advocacy, prevention, counseling, and psychotherapy.

I have been providing clinical supervision for 25+ years. My experience involves working in several law firms, coordinating a Rape Crisis Center, consulting in a women’s prison where I do individual and group work with incarcerated females and training of the staff, and setting up and running my own business in private practice with adults.

I charge $90/hour for individual supervision. If you go to the monthly meetings of the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers and receive a certificate from the 2-hour training they provide, I will charge $50/hour in exchange for a copy of the certificate.

I look forward to guiding you in the development of your new career! Please call me at 404.518.0828 to set up a meeting.

Click to see a copy of my Contract for Supervision.