About Me

Are you looking for a personal, caring psychotherapist or group counselor in Atlanta?

I changed careers from being a paralegal, working in an adversarial role to help keep people apart, to being a Coordinator for a Rape Crisis Program. I’ve worn many hats — a therapist, fundraiser, and community educator. After several years as a Coordinator, I went back to school for my Ph.D. and got an internship at a women’s prison where I developed the group counseling program. I continue as a consultant/psychotherapist/group counselor/trainer for the Department of Corrections, working one day each week. In 2000, instead of becoming a professor as planned, I began a private practice in psychotherapy in the Atlanta area where I counsel adults, both individually, as couples and in groups. I work with people who want to know themselves fully, live spontaneously, and more easily connect with others. I provide honest feedback because I believe that if we can understand our patterns and make different choices, we can create a better life.

Specializing In

I work with adults, individually, as couples and in groups. I have the following specialties:

Clinical Experience & Training

I received my Master’s and Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Georgia after completing clinical internships at the Medical College of Georgia, Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, and Washington State Prison for Women.

Dr Sharman Resume