What My Clients’ Said

“Less judgment, more curiosity is pivotal” in our couples work.

“I have found your words and skills coming to me again and again, and the beauty of it is, they work, and are lasting. My husband and I are in a much more relaxed, communicative and respectful place and it feels much better. I remain grateful that you were available to be my guide.”

“I feel confidant in my skin! I can respond normally to a true threat. I used to lie to myself about my feelings.”

“I feel happy, confidant and in control. I reached my goal.”

“Thank you so much for helping me to grow and learn through your group. It has been an honor to meet you. I hope more women benefit from all you do.”

[From a supervisee] ” I always leave with more knowledge, understanding, and skills.  . .Our relationship has given me knowledge, strength, and a safe place to grow. There’s room for humor, tears, curiosity, celebration and joy. . . It has been a constant support to help me navigate learning curves, tough times and to become empowered.”

“I appreciate being validated and understood. I’ve learned to develop a [balanced] schedule.”

“I felt you should be one of the first to see this since you were instrumental in its creation. At the time, I often balked at your ‘insistence’ that I do this. You probably realize that I often balked when you wouldn’t give up on me. I want to thank you for that insistence; when asked about my goals in publishing these poems, I always say my first reason was to prove to myself that I had enough belief in my thoughts and confidence in my abilities to share them with the world. I know that without you standing firmly behind me, I would have never gained that confidence.”

“I felt challenged and stretched.”

“I’m relieved! I don’t feel trapped, miserable, numb and misunderstood.”

“I graduated from college. My family met my professors and employers who gave glowing reviews of my performance. Therapy is part of that puzzle. I’ll never quit.”

“My life is so much better for knowing you. Thanks for all you’ve done.”

“You are nonjudgmental, kind and pointed out my strengths. I didn’t like the boundaries about appointment,s but know it was an important lesson for me.”

“The move was hard, but my life is great! Thanks for your help getting me through the rough times so I could end up here in paradise.”

“I am happier than I have ever been.”

“Thanks for everything. You are truly a blessing.”