Psychotherapy Group Contract


1. Group will meet for an hour and a half each week. I understand that group starts and ends promptly. I agree to arrive on time as late arrivals are disruptive.

2. If I know that I will be late for a group or will miss a group, I will call Dr. Sharman.  If I know in advance that I will be absent from group, I will announce it in group the week before. Absences detract from the group’s ability to work as a unit.

3. I understand that what I hear in the group about individual members stays in the group and is not shared with anyone. I am free to share anything about myself with whomever I choose. Confidentiality may be broken by Dr. Sharman if someone in the group reports a) danger to him/herself or someone else OR b) abuse of a minor child or an elderly person.

4. I agree that I will not have sexual contact with any group members OR with the group leader (Dr. Sharman).

5. I will not come to group under the influence of any non-prescribed drugs and/or alcohol.

6. I agree to have two, 50-minute individual sessions with Dr. Sharman before beginning my participation in the group. Individual sessions will be available, as needed, during my participation in the group. Individual sessions are waived if I have done individual or couples therapy in the past with Dr. Sharman.

7. I commit to attend the group weekly for three (3) months. I will follow the termination guidelines (see Group Guidelines) when I decide to end my participation in group.

8. I understand that I am responsible to pay the fee of $____ per week for group. If absent, I am still responsible for the fee.

9. If I am in individual therapy with another therapist, I agree to have Dr. Sharman discuss my participation in group with my therapist.

10. I agree that any modifications to this contract must be agreed upon by both myself and Dr. Sharman and must be added to this contract in writing.



Group Member






Sharman D. Colosetti, LCSW, PhD