An evolving lifestyle

I just got back from a refreshing speed walk around the neighborhood. Everything was clean from the morning rain. I was remembering swimming at the lake as a kid and getting old enough to walk the 2 miles to get there. Later, when I moved to Atlanta, I met Donna DeLuca who developed “New Moves,” an exercise program that incorporated freestyle dancing, yoga, stretching and play. My boyfriend took me to the studio across the street from my apartment, and after one time, I was hooked.  I hung with a crowd of people who used the natural foods store as our living room. We were always trying new foods and different kinds of activities.  All these pieces make up my current lifestyle — teaching water aerobics, walking, dancing, gardening and eating healthy meals. Sure makes my life worth living!

If you’d like some help developing your healthy lifestyle, I’d love to help you. Please give me a call at 404.518.0828 to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you! Dr. Sharman Colosetti