And baby makes. . .

Having a new baby brings challenges!

Expecting a baby? You are so fortunate! I’m sure you’re getting the room ready, drooling over the sweet baby clothes, and can hardly wait to hold that sweet bundle, look in her or his eyes, and feel them grab your finger with their tiny hands. Wonderful experiences are ahead.

And, challenges, too. Have you figured out who will wake up to feed the baby in the middle of the night? Who will take off work when s/he is sick? Have you factored in quality time for the two of you — not you and the baby, but Mom and Dad?

You are the role models for your children. You teach by your example. You set the standard for what’s “normal” in his/her world. What will your family’s standard be for conflict resolution? For loving? For discipline?

Unfortunately, there’s no required course to help us learn how to be the best we can be as parents. If you need a sounding board to help figure these things out, I’d love to help you. Please give me a call at 404.518.0828 to set up an appointment. And, congratulations on your new life journey. Dr. Sharman Colosetti