When should we go to Premarital Counselling?

Marriages and families are two of the greatest assets that we can have. Premarital Counselling helps damage-proof your relationship. You can learn to identify and resolve differences that may become sources of conflict and develope skills to navigate your marriage.

Premarital Counseling is helpful if:
1) one partner is commitment phobic;
2) there are unresolved disagreements (money, parenting, household responsibilities, work, sex);
3) either or both partners were married before;
4) either partner has difficulties handling conflict; and/or
5) either partner has a history of childhood abuse and/or domestic violence.
In some states, Premarital Counseling is also a requirement for people under 18 years old.

Once a couple has an assessment, several areas of conflict may be obvious.
1) Do you want children?
2) What religion will we practice?
3) Is there a history of alcohol or drug abuse in either family or either partner?
4) How does a history of witnessing or experiencing physical and/or sexual abuse effect intimacy?
5) Has either partner been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder?
6) Are there spending problems?
Once areas of conflict are identified, we work together to develop a realistic concept of marriage, troubleshoot problems, and increase the likelihood of avoiding divorce. Do you recognize areas where you could use some help? If so, call me at 404.518.0828 to set up an appointment. Dr. Sharman Colosetti