Do I need Boundaries?

Do I need boundaries? What are they for? I facilitate a group based on the workbook, BOUNDARY POWER by O’Neil & Newbold. In it members learn what boundaries are, what are functional and dysfunctional boundaries, and how to set and maintain their boundaries. BOUNDARIES are limits that allow for a safe connection based on your needs. When […]

Are you experiencing burnout? Time for a career change?

When a client came in today complaining about her job, I told her this story about a breakfast meeting I had with a friend.: I met my friend for breakfast. She wanted to know if I could help her. In some ways, it was a typical breakfast meeting. The waitress was pleasant; the eggs were average; […]

Change your thought and change your life!

Did you know that you can change your thought and change your life. Our thoughts are very powerful! Here’s one of my favorite stories that will help you easily understand how our thoughts determine our world: On a recent weekend in Atlantic city, a woman won a bucketful of quarters at a slot machine. She […]

Is Group Therapy right for me?

Is Group Therapy right for me? Group is a safe place to allow yourself to be vulnerable and experiment with new behaviors. You can learn to work through conflicts that might otherwise be avoided. You can learn that we all struggle with personal issues at various transition periods in our life — starting or ending […]

Attitudes of Gratitude

This is one of my favorite ways to avoid the slippery slope of sadness. I write my gratitudes for the day. Instead of  focusing on what’s not working, I look for what is.  Our mind influences what we see and feel. To feel better, shift your mind. Even for a moment. Begin small. Say “thank you” […]

Atlanta’s Finest 2012 – Dr. Sharman Colosetti

Less Judgment – More Curiosty! Sharman Colosetti, PhD, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in individual and couples counseling for men’s and women’s issues, including psychological, physical and sexual trauma. Dr. Sharman’s clients learn to master their life by developing an in-depth understanding of who they are, learning how others perceive them, […]

Why do couples fight?

Why do couples fight? Harville Hendrix, one of the couples counseling gurus says: “When two people meet and fall in love, they idealize each other. They see each other as the person who will meet their needs. At first it seems true—people do all sorts of things they wouldn’t normally do, because they’re trying to […]

An evolving lifestyle

I just got back from a refreshing speed walk around the neighborhood. Everything was clean from the morning rain. I was remembering swimming at the lake as a kid and getting old enough to walk the 2 miles to get there.

And baby makes. . .

Having a new baby brings challenges! Expecting a baby? You are so fortunate! I’m sure you’re getting the room ready, drooling over the sweet baby clothes, and can hardly wait to hold that sweet bundle, look in her or his eyes, and feel them grab your finger with their tiny hands. Wonderful experiences are ahead. […]

Today stands before us with promise. . .

Today stands before us with promise. The opportunities for growth are guaranteed, as is all the spiritual help we need to handle any situation the day offers. If today offers us a challenge, we can be greateful. Our challenges are gifts.